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Imagine a world where healthcare benefits are tailored to your unique needs. Introducing Zorro, the smart healthcare benefit solution you've been waiting for.

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Optimize the cost & personalize health benefits with Zorro's Smart Engine.

As the first end-to-end ICHRA administration platform, we handle everything you and your employees need in order to get health & supplemental insurance. Our advanced platform supports employers in achieving their goals:

  • Compliance & plan documentation
  • Cost optimization & allowance models
  • Data-driven plan recommendations
  • Frictionless shopping experience
  • Automated payments to carriers
  • Complete transparency dashboards
  • Expert guidance and more...

Zorro lets employers offer personalized health benefits to each employee. Seamlessly.

Zorro allows employers to set a benefits budget per employee… and then helps employees personalize and choose the optimal benefit-bundle for them.

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