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At Zorro, we fight to make healthcare affordable and accessible for everyday people.

Working at Zorro

At Zorro, we fight to make healthcare affordable and accessible for everyday people.

With professionals from various sectors, including healthcare, fintech and insurtech, Zorro's collective expertise comes from working for industry leaders such as Medtronic, Bayer, McKinsey, Meta, Paypal, Lemonade, and Oscar Health.

We believe in combining diverse backgrounds and industry experience. Our team includes serial entrepreneurs, product experts, data scientists, software engineers, customer success managers, and insurance agents.
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Our Values

Status-quo questioning

We don’t assume things will remain as they are because they have been this way up until now. We are here to disrupt and catalyze systemic change in the way healthcare, wellness, wealth and benefits work for Americans. 

Measurable impact

We are results-driven and are here to fight for our partners and users. We remember the importance of the things we help with—healthcare & money—and how they influence our users’ life trajectories. We are here to make a real difference and are not just a ‘nice to have.’

Uncompromising quality

We never settle and always deliver the highest caliber output. We see challenges not as roadblock, but as opportunities for innovation. In healthcare in particular, there are a lot of supposed “impossibles”. We inherently assume everything is possible.

Technological innovation

We view technology as a tool to improve the lives of our partners and users. We believe technology can lead to stepwise leaps in impact in the field of healthcare.

All-hands-on-deck mentality

We work as a single unit, and no task is too small for anyone. We each bring our specialization, but we will always go above and beyond to do what it takes to fulfill our mission and deliver value.

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