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Zorro is the ICHRA solution that employers & employees have been waiting for.

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Today’s employer health benefits are opaque, “one-size-fits-all” & burdensome.

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For employers & brokers

benefits have unpredictable costs, require endless administration and offer little flexibility. 

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For employees

health plans are rigid, leave little room for personalization and are expensive.


Zorro lets employers offer personalized health benefits
to each employee. Seamlessly.

Zorro allows employers to set a benefits budget per employee… and then helps employees personalize and choose the optimal benefit-bundle for them.

At Zorro, we’re charting a path to personalized health benefits.

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Cost Predictability

Move away from rising premiums and take back control of your budget.  With Zorro, employers can set an allowance amount per employee and keep expenses stable year-over-year.  

Turnkey Simplicity

Avoid dealing with insurance questions and focus on your business. Zorro helps employers decide on an allowance model and then manages the benefits process from end to end.  

Full Customization

Empower your employees and give them choice and flexibility. Zorro recognizes employees’ diversity and takes into account individual circumstances when helping them choose benefit bundles. 

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