Announcing Zorro’s Preferred Partnership Program

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<blog-icon-title>Announcing Zorro's Preferred Partnership Program<blog-icon-title>

Zorro is thrilled to announce the launch of our Preferred Partnership Program, intended to expand access to important insurance and digital health products for Zorro’s growing client base. While health plans are essential to any benefits package, we know employees have diverse needs and Zorro exists to support them. By giving them the opportunity to explore coverage beyond medical, we are confirming our commitment to consumer-driven healthcare and the added flexibility and choice that comes with it.    

Zorro selects partners based on a combination of reputation, price, and the need they fill amongst Zorro users. Our first class of partners includes Goodbill, a medical bill negotiations and cost containment provider, and Renaissance, a leading dental and vision carrier.

"After identifying the needs of our customers, and conducting an extensive search for high-quality, cost-effective, consumer-focused solutions in the dental, vision, and bill negotiation spaces, we are thrilled to welcome Goodbill and Renaissance to Zorro's Preferred Partnership Program," says Maya Perl, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Zorro. "We believe that employees deserve to be in control of their healthcare benefits, and offering expanded choice is a significant part of that commitment."

Goodbill helps patients lower their hospital bills by securing 501(r) financial assistance discounts, and by uncovering coding errors and inflated charges. Patients can save 30%, on average. All employees leveraging Zorro’s platform have access to Goodbill and there is no cost unless - and until - money is saved. Plus, Zorro members enjoy a special discount!

With Renaissance, employees can supplement their health insurance with quality dental and vision coverage, which is particularly important since 88% of Americans have dental coverage and 2 out of every 3 U.S. adults have some form of managed vision care. Employees leveraging Zorro’s platform enjoy uniquely high-quality dental and vision products and an easy-to-access purchasing experience.

As Zorro’s platform continues to evolve, so will its partnerships with leading ancillary providers. Stay tuned for new relationships across mental health, women’s health, and telehealth, to name a few.

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