Leveraging & Customizing ICHRA to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

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In previous posts we’ve discussed the many ways ICHRA can be financially beneficial to both employers and employees.

One important aspect of ICHRA that we want to highlight in this post is how the customization of health insurance through ICHRA can promote overall health and enable individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

<blog-icon-title>Cover your Existing Needs<blog-icon-title>

Personalized health insurance plans are a game-changer for individuals, particularly those with preexisting conditions, like diabetes or asthma. With an ICHRA plan, individuals can access tailored coverage based on their specific needs. The freedom to pick specific healthcare plans based on what medications and providers are covered ensures that individuals won’t be surprised by unexpected medical bills. As noted by numerous studies, the peace of mind that comes with financial stability, including access to affordable healthcare, is critical to maintaining mental health.

<blog-icon-title>Personalization where it Matters Most<blog-icon-title>

Here are a couple great examples of how ICHRA can help individuals meet their healthcare needs:

Sarah is leveraging ICHRA to have her preferred pediatrician covered through her health plan
David is leveraging ICHRA to make sure his new medications are covered through his health plan

<blog-icon-title>Promoting Mental Health<blog-icon-title>

ICHRA promotes a holistic approach to healthcare by recognizing the importance of mental health as part of an overall health and wellbeing. By including mental health coverage as a qualified medical expense, ICHRA ensures individuals have the option to use their tax-free benefit allowance in order to access mental health coverage. Qualified medical expenses related to mental health can include a wide range of options, including (but not limited to) psychotherapy, psychiatric counseling and mental-health related medication. ICHRA caters to diverse mental health needs and empowers individuals to seek and receive the vital care they require.

 <blog-icon-title>The Bottom Line<blog-icon-title>

A critical part of your health is having medical coverage that matches your needs on a day to day basis, not just in times of crisis. Leveraging the personalization possible with ICHRA lets you choose the healthcare plan that keeps you with the providers and medications that you know and trust. As ICHRA grows in popularity, we’re sure that trends such as access to mental healthcare will continue to become more widely available within the ICHRA market.

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