The Advantages of ICHRA and Zorro for Insurance Brokers

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<blog-icon-title>A Broker’s Perspective on ICHRA<blog-icon-title>

The Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) has emerged as an intriguing and exciting option for businesses to provide healthcare benefits to their employees. While ICHRA has clear benefits for both employers and employees, insurance brokers also stand to gain significant advantages from this innovative, new healthcare model.

The range of broker knowledge surrounding ICHRA is broad. While both traditional group brokers and brokers specializing in the individual markets have experienced strong success in the ICHRA space, it can be daunting to educate yourself on a completely new model and offer it to your customers. 

<blog-icon-title>Offer the Best Solutions with the Most Innovative Technology<blog-icon-title>

Clients expect their broker to see what’s around the corner! They want a partner who is on the leading edge of the trends in health insurance and offers solutions to problems that are barely visible. The team at Zorro is excited to partner with brokers and help with this exact challenge. Our platform leverages Smart Data to enable companies to optimize the cost and improve the quality of health benefits.

<blog-icon-title>Working Together On Behalf of Your Clients<blog-icon-title>

ICHRA represents a new frontier in the health insurance market. When brokers combine the power of the new regulations with innovative software solutions, clients are the true winners. At Zorro, we understand the challenge that brokers face to retain clients as group rates continue to climb. ICHRA presents a true opportunity to provide a solution. As ICHRA experts, let us help to educate both you and your clients. We have best in class tools for you to deploy and look forward to finding ways for us to succeed together.

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