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The benefits of a group plan without the costs of one.

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Zorro delivers value across all stakeholders.

Zorro is an end-to-end solution optimizing the employer, broker, and employee benefits experience. We fight on behalf of our users to get the best coverage at the best rates possible.

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are trying to take care of employees, stay competitive and navigate a dynamic economy. The complicated world of insurance makes this much more challenging.

With Zorro

Zorro’s employer & broker platform

creates a paradigm shift from a defined benefit to a defined contribution model. 

It allows employers to set an allowance per employee and create a top-down, transparent budget that doesn't fluctuate year-on-year.  

Zorro then offers exceptional end-to-end servicing that marries technology-driven, seamless administration with a people-first approach that solves problems and makes offering benefits with Zorro feel like a breeze. 

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are at the forefront of providing healthcare to millions of Americans. They want to offer the best benefit solutions to clients, but are limited by carrier offerings and rate hikes.

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With Zorro


are faced with fewer options and higher prices. They seek quality health coverage and benefits that meet the unique needs of themselves and their families, without breaking the bank.

With Zorro

Zorro’s employee platform

asks the right questions to understand each individual’s preferences and budget. Then, by leveraging thousands of data points and dozens of API’s, Zorro suggests the medical plan and benefits package that will best meet their needs.

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Learn why (most) employer-sponsored health plans don’t work — and what does!


Leveraging big-data to find the best benefit-bundle
for every employee.

Zorro’s platform is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence engine trained with millions of data-points to personalize and optimize benefit bundles.

Employees and
brokers provide

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Zorro cross-references these using dozens of carrier APIs and an Artificial Intelligence engine against:

Medical plan prices
Supplemental benefit options
Estimated price increases
Other market data


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Doctors and
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and Needs
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The result is a customized benefit bundle recommendation specific to each employee optimizing every dollar for their individual needs.

Zorro's Impact on Coverage Quality

Number of carrier choices
8 with Zorro
1 with your current plan
Employees with funded HSA
45% with Zorro
15% with your current plan

Get the smart, transparent benefits solution that you've been waiting for.

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